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Wooden Sewing Gauge

Wooden Sewing Gauge

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  • All the commonly used seam allowances and measurements in a business-card-sized tool
  • Conveniently switch between Metric (vertical columns) and Imperial (horizontal rows) measurements
  • Safe to use when pressing hems with a steaming iron - Does not burn hot like a metal gauge or deform like a plastic ruler
  • Handcrafted in Melbourne


    70mm (2.80") wide, 55mm (2.10") high , and 1.6mm (0.06") thick



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    Measure in Inches

    All the commonly-used seam allowances and measurements laid out in a clear and easy-to-read format.

    Measure in Metric

    Rotate the sewing gauge and it becomes a metric ruler.

    Press without Worry

    Safe to use when pressing hems with a steaming iron. It does not burn hot like a metal gauge or deform like a plastic ruler.

    Add Seam Allowances with Ease

    Handy to use and store, the Wooden Sewing Gauge is great for making adjustments to sewing patterns.

    Mark Right Angles

    With the shape of a business card, the Wooden Sewing Gauge lends itself perfectly to marking right-angle corners with precision, ensuring accuracy and ease in every sewing project.

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