About Us

Hi, I'm Ho-mei. Welcome here!

I’m a sewist who loves making her own clothes. I also design and make all the buttons and sewing notions you find here.

That's me, sewing the Tulip Button on while I'm in the dress.

My Sewing Story

Ever since coming across a dressmaking tutorial on YouTube in 2014, I’ve been hooked on sewing my own clothes. Following a Japanese pattern book, one of my first projects was a shirt dress in a plain brown fabric. With the buttons, I was hoping to find something special that would elevate my dress. With no luck in finding any that matches my vision, I decided to design and make my own buttons - with the help of a laser cutting machine! Soon enough, I was making more buttons than I could ever use and that was when I started Arrow Mountain.

Laying out my buttons to shoot my first shop banner

Arrow Mountain

The name ‘Arrow Mountain’ represents how I hope my design would come across. I want my designs to project the lightness of an arrow, as well as the calm and lasting presence of a mountain.

I experimented with different materials and shapes before releasing my first button collection on Etsy in 2015. My earliest designs are often inspired by geometric and origami shapes, like the Hex and Fox buttons. I also like to play with different stitch pattern, for example the Sakura, Tulip and Cross Stitch buttons, as well as etching patterns onto the buttons - most notably the Half Moon Button collection.

One of my first designs - the Fox Button.

The Half Moon buttons are all about the brushed gold patterns.

Two/Four holes are just not enough for the Cross Stitch Button!

The Wooden Sewing Gauge came about as I struggled to read imperial measurements on normal rulers.

More Than Buttons...

As I spend more and more time sewing, I also started making other sewing notions needed for my projects. The wooden tags, for example, are great for adorning little bags. The Maker Badges collection is conceived to celebrate the learning milestones on one's sewing journey - such as a badge for mastering the use of a serger/overlocker, and another one for knowing how to alter/draft patterns.

The one sewing notion that I used most often, however, is the Wooden Sewing Gauges. As someone who grew up with the metric system, I was not used to imperial measurements often used in sewing patterns. I designed this tool to provide easy visual guides of common sewing measurements, while making sure it is safe to use around a hot iron during pressing.

Come Say Hi!

Thanks so much for visiting and reading this. If you have any feedback or just want to say hi - feel free to get in touch with me here.

Follow my sewing journey here:
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