This dress is heavily inspired by this smock dress tutorial from Rosary Apparel. I love the long puffy sleeves, the voluminous gathered skirt and the general comfiness - It looks like the perfect transitional dress that should be part of my memade wardrobe =D

The Pattern

Since I have already made the Hinterland dress (by Sew Liberated) before and know it fits me well, I decided to use it as the base pattern. The first change I made was raising the neckline by approx. 6cm (2.4in): (Remember also to lengthen the button placket by the same amount)


Then I cut the sleeve pattern in half and added more width. This allows me to do a gathered detail at the shoulder (between the original notches on the sleeve pattern). I also lengthened and straightened the pattern for a full length sleeve with elastic cuff:

Another change that I made to the pattern is the pocket. Wherever possible, I always try to anchor my pockets to the waist sesam. I think this creates less 'drag lines' on the skirt when you put something heavy in the pocket:

When I was done cutting out all the pattern pieces, I have enough leftovers to cut out a rectangular piece that is the same length as the skirt pattern - it was added to the skirt, then gathered and created an extra puffy skirt! =D

The rest of the dress came together in the same way as per the original pattern.

The Fabric

The fabric is this double gauze cotton fabric from Darn Cheap fabrics. It is soft, comfortable and gathers well - I simply can’t think of a better choice for this dress.

The Buttons

Last but not least is the button. Black is such a versatile colour that it basically works well with any button I have. Here are some of the buttons I considered:

(From left to right: Shirt button in bronze mirror; Half Moon button - Crown; Fireworks button)

The decision in the end came down to the look I want to achieve with this dress. The dark colour, big puffy sleeves and flowy sihouette all point to a consistent theme - a modern witchy style. I therefore chose the Moon Cycle Button in brushed silver (which comes in a set of 4) to complete my witchy look.

The dress came together quite smoothly. The only thing I needed to re-do is the elastic cuff. I have made the elastic a tiny bit too tight in my first try. Luckily I have enough seam allowance in the elastic to unpick and re-sew for more ease.

So far this dress has been a dream to wear in the house (we are still in lockdown in Melbourne) - it is makes me feel put together for zoom calls while still comfortable enough to lounge around =D

What do you think of my 'Moon dress'? Do you like to wear this style of dress?

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